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Fantasy Phone Lanyard

Fantasy Phone Lanyard

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Color of connector patch

A round pink, yellow and blue braided strap with gold metallic adjusters and swivel clasp for use with a PHONELACE connector patch.

Listing includes: phone lanyard and connector patch

Strap length: max. 27 inch, adjustable (total length 54 inch)


The ultra-thin phone connector patch fits between your phone and your phone case, allowing you to connect to the lanyard through the charging port. 

DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH CHARGING - The phone lanyard is compatible with corded and wireless charging, without being removed.

The high quality hook makes it possible to detach the lanyard quickly if you do not need it.

Please note: We don’t guarantee the integrity of your smartphone, please handle with care and at your own risk. Our product is not a toy. Keep it away from children and babies.

Includes neck lanyard with phone connector patch.
Does not include phone case or phone. You can use the phone case of your choice.


Strap length:

max. 27 inches, adjustable

(total length 54 inch)

Care Instructions

Please handle with care and at your own risk.

This is not a toy. Keep it away from children and babies.

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