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Black Solid Phone Connector Patch

Black Solid Phone Connector Patch

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The ultra-thin phone connector patch fits between your phone and your phone case, allowing you to connect to a lanyard through the charging port. 

DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH CHARGING - The phone patch is compatible with corded and wireless charging, without being removed.


2.56 inch x 1.57 inch + 0.71 inch for the loop 
D-ring: 0.39 inch x 0.63 inch for the loop

6,5 cm 4,0 cm + 1.8 cm for the loop
D-ring: 1,0 cm x 0.6 cm

Listing includes: connector patch, does not include phone case or phone. You can use the phone case of your choice.

Please note: We don’t guarantee the integrity of your smartphone, please handle with care and at your own risk. Our product is not a toy. Keep it away from children and babies.

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